1959 Dodge Coronet 2DR For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars




Around 25 years ago the previous owner cut the roof off this 1959 Dodge 2dr and he has since used the car as you see it.
It is titled in Arizona as a convertible.

Around 8 years ago it was parked and the engine, 326 V8 and transmission were rebuilt I was told when buying the Dodge.
The car never left the garage after that and has not moved until we bought it recently.
The engine has still not been 100% assembled after the rebuild, or started up.
There's a new aluminum 4 bbl intake and a new 4 bbl Edelbrock carburetor.

The body is very nice, not perfect but very, very nice, the chrome is excellent front to back.

I just added a swivel front seat.

With restored, real 1959 Dodge convertibles going for $150.000-$200.000 this is an opportunity to buy a "convertible" project at a really fair, not to say unbeatable price!

UPDATE, we have spent 30-40 hours on the Dodge installing Custom Royal Lancer stainless side trim, front fender wheel opening trim, stainless trim below the deck lid, aluminum trim for the dash, large potmetal trim on the quarter panels etc.

We have excellent Custom Royal Lancer front fender Lancers sent out for re-anodizing, NOS quarterpanel louvers will be installed. All trim we have installed is in excellent condition.
Next we might cut the windshield frame and weld on one from a real convertible and install a convertible windshield, if and when we have time.

OF COURSE the price goes up as we spend time and money on the car. Excellent 1959 Custom Royal Lancer parts are not cheap and we are adding a lot of it!

The wheels by the way are first generation Boyd's wheels, rare and pretty cool. We also have the original rims for the car.


We have gotten a lot of questions if we can turn the car in to a "real" convertible and that can be done but the price will be different.

We sell worldwide since 1986!

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