1957 Dodge Royal D500 4dr For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars






1957 DODGE ROYAL 4DR D500 (325 HEMI), FACTORY A/C, 75.000 MILES.


Rare car, 1957 Dodge Royal 4dr that was ordered with the D500 option (325 Hemi engine) and factory Air Condition! And rare color combination, yellow and white, very nice combination.


The car is 98%-99% rust free, there's minor rust in the rocker panels, excellent floor and excellent trunk floor, doors, fenders etc. 

The paint is still original since 1957, I don't see any sign that it has been touched up anywhere. 


The Dodge was sold new in Massachusetts at Merced Dodge. The buyer was a Mr Ball, a relative of Lucille Ball and in the early 60's it found its way to southern Arizona where it has spent many, many years mostly (not) being driven by a female owner. 

She kept the Dodge for around 40 years but since her husband is an auto mechanic and a collector she also had other cars, 1962 Cadillac convertible, 1964 Cadillac convertible, 1968 Camare convertible and others.

So she rarely drove the 1957 Dodge. 

She sold the car 2 years ago. While she owned it she got the front brakes swapped for disc brakes and she had the seats redone.


The Dodge is running and driving, it is by the way a real D500, 325 Hemi car and the original A/C is still blowing cold!!!


The Dodge is running and driving as she sits now, it is not a restored car but a rare D500 and factory A/C car and mostly original car.  


PRICE: 11.500


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