1954 Chevrolet 4dr For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars


I local man asked me to help him selling this 1954 Chevrolet 4dr car that his uncle bought new at Rudolph’s Chevy here in town in 1954.
The owner claims that the car only has the 2000 miles that the odometer shows and that his uncle parked the car decades ago and never drove it again.
I have no clue it that could be correct or not so, absolutely no guarantee that the car has the super low miles claimed!!!

The body is very good, not much rust at all, the spot on the left rear quarter panel behind the rear wheel (no holes) and a smaller rust spot on the driver side floor up front.
The engine turns over, we know nothing about the engine condition except it is free.

As you can see in my pictures the car needs everything, or do brakes, carburetor rebuild, tires etc and use it as is.
The rear window is missing, we can get one for the car if needed.

The car has always been here in dry Arizona and it was ordered new with tinted glass all around, rare on a 1954 Chevy.

PRICE: $4750




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