Custom 1964 Buick Riviera For Sale By Copperstate Classic Cars



The car was totally disassembled and restored about 5-6 years ago to the tune of over $60,000.

The car has never had any rust anywhere, ever!


Rebuilt original 425 nail head engine, rebuilt transmission, recored radiator, new brakes, front end, new paint, new exhaust, new interior in solid black. New wood kit for the interior, new rubber throughout.


The then owner wanted some soft custom touches so the headlights were installed inside the front fenders behind the outer chrome grilles. It looks like a 1965 Riviera but the chrome grilles does not open. A 1965 Riviera grill was added.

The Riviera has been stored for the last 5-6 years and we are now finally putting the finishing touches on the rare and beautiful car.


There was a lot more work done to the Buick, rebuilt carburetor, blasted and painted inner fenders, radiator support etc in the front, rebuilt alternator, starter, new fuel pump etc, etc.

A beautiful set of original turbine hubcaps are included, see pictures.


PRICE: $29,500 as it sits now. We might add a set of Astro Supremes and in that case the price will go up some.


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