1956 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4DRHT For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars




Very nice, rust free 1956 Cadillac Sedan DeVille with the 50th anniversary gold package, gold Sabre wheels, gold anodized grille.

Black with a very nice pistachio yellow/greenish roof and black/white cloth/leather interior.

The previous owner, an older gentleman from England and his wife drove the Cadillac starting at a friends place in Connecticut on the US east coast and across Canada, down the US west coast to California and over to Arizona.

A trip that took several months.

After they reached Phoenix, Arizona we took in the Cadillac while they returned to the UK.

We have had the car for a few years and repaired and serviced it to have it ready for the next long road trip but due to the owners poor health there will be no next trip in the charming Cadillac.


We rebuilt the complete brake system including a life time warranty rebuild on the master cylinder/power booster, replaced cracked cylinder heads and the replacement heads have been completely rebuilt, including hardened exhaust valve seats.

New dual exhaust system, rebuilt carburetor. An alternator that looks like an old school generator was recently installed.

Electric fans were added to keep the coolant temp at the right temperature even if the car is driven a lot. We did a tasteful install so they are hardly notable when opening the hood.

Re-cored radiator for the same reason, new thermostat.   

The front and rear seats have been recovered, the rest of the interior is original and in good but not perfect condition.

The front and rear bumpers were rechromed before we got the Cadillac and they look great.

Most chrome on the Cadillac is in very nice condition, only a few pot metal pieces have some pitting.    

The odometer shows 73.500 miles, there is no way to know if that is correct or not but it is very believable considering the condition of the car.






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